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Asahi Beverages is proud to have the top-selling cider in Australia – the premium European brand, Somersby. The business is committed to leveraging the phenomenal growth and popularity of the cider category with a strong commitment to innovation.

Somersby is the number-one selling cider brand in Australia* and is also sold and enjoyed in more than 43 countries worldwide. Somersby is available in three delicious taste variants: Apple, Cloudy Apple, Pear, Blackberry & Watermelon – all with a refreshing crisp natural taste. The brand has earned a reputation of spreading fun and togetherness wherever it is served. There are no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colourings added and its sparkling and refreshing nature makes this premium European cider a perfect addition to any Sunday afternoon.

*based on Aztec % national off-premise

available in au nz