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The story of our whisky begins with the courage of warriors and the man who led them, Sir James Douglas. The Black Douglas is a tribute to the legendary Sir James Douglas, Scotland’s mightiest warrior and invincible scourge of Northern England. He died in a fierce battle against overwhelming Spanish forces swinging his claymore and clutching a silver casket containing the heart of Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland. True to his word, he was courageous to the end. And now, some 700 years since his passing, we immortalise his spirit with our whisky that proudly bears his name.

Sir James Douglas and his bold, courageous men are celebrated to this day with every glass of The Black Douglas Scotch Whisky.

For years Cougar Bourbon had been perfecting this authentic sour mash recipe, utilising generations of experience to create a smooth bourbon whiskey. It all starts with the freshest local corn, grains, and pure aquifer water. Cougar is distilled using only the most traditional methods and then settled down in charred American oak barrels. The result is a smooth bourbon deep in character and rich in rye aromas, delivering a distinct spice with a smooth drinking finish.

Founded by the father of Japanese whisky, Mastataka Taketsuru, Nikka was born in 1934 in Hokkaido and is known for its unique distilleries, one in snowy Yoichi, the other in Miyagikyo, a terrain similar to Scotland. Due to these different environments, the two distilleries produce very distinct single malt whiskies that have become sought after across the world.  


From the official tequila state of Jalisco, Mexico, Tequila Blu tastes the way true tequila should. It’s perfectly balanced flavour is achieved by using 100 per cent blue agave, grown and harvested in four different regions of Mexico.

Tequila Blu is a reposado tequila and is fully imported from Mexico.

Tequila Blu

Untold Spiced Rum was borne of a passionate collaboration between leading bartenders and spirit experts. The 700mL full strength bottle spirit (FSBS) is made with a select blend of 2-3 year aged rum from Trinidad, infused with subtle natural spices. It is made by bartenders to be perfect for mixing, with a unique pack design created by urban artists. Untold Spiced Rum is also available in 6% ABV premixed drinks; Cola and Ginger Beer.

Untold Spiced Rum

Back in 2003 with a true entrepreneurial spirit, we set out on a lofty mission to make a world-class premium vodka, locally.

By triple-distilling fresh New Zealand whey and charcoal filtering it for good measure, we nailed our recipe and Vodka O was born.

Since then, we’ve humbly accepted several shiny awards acknowledging the quality of our smooth premium vodka and the rest, as they say, is history.

Vodka O

Woodstock Bourbon is genuine American oak-matured bourbon whisky distilled in the finest barrels. It continues to be the bourbon and cola of choice for many Australians due to its great value-for-money, rich authentic bourbon taste and convenient pack types.