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Cool Ridge

The Cool Ridge range is made from pure Australian spring water and offers a product and pack size for all hydration occasions.  Complementing the existing range of plain still, flavoured still, plain and flavoured lightly sparkling, is the launch of a new vitamin enhanced range.

New Cool Ridge Vitamin Spring Water helps deliver specific functional benefits beyond hydration.  Featuring a sipper cap for on-the-go consumption and just a hint of natural fruit flavour, the range contains vitamins but with without sugar or artificial flavours.  There are three delicious Vitamin Spring Water products to choose from:

RESTORE ACTIVE WATER – supports normal muscle function with magnesium and Vitamin D.  Flavoured with a hint of raspberry and blueberry essence.

IMMUNITY DEFENCE WATER – assists immune system function with Vitamins B6, B12 and Zinc. Flavoured with a hint of blood orange and lemon essence.

REVITALISE ENERGY WATER -   helps reduce tiredness and fatigue with B Vitamins.  Flavoured with a hint of Green Tea and Peach essenc

available in australia